Green Glue is the highest performance viscoelastic material available to the building and construction markets. It yields unprecedented damping factors and is remarkably tolerant to
real-world installation conditions, carrying none of the burden of installation precision of many damping systems.

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Floors And Walls:
Dramatic reductions in impact and airborne noise high STCs (>>50, varies with construction) on a normal 2x4 wall with superior low frequency performance relative to resilient walls of any type.
Reduction or elimination of flanking noise (the damping converts vibrational energy to harmless levels of heat as it travels through damped walls, floors, ceilings, and frames)
The easiest, lowest cost, and most effective upgrade to an existing wall available. Superior to any other technology at reduction of low-frequency impact noise (where underlayments and pads fail)
Superior to expensive pre-damped drywall options when applied in real-world conditions
Superior damping, ease of application, tolerance to real-world variations, and drastically lower impact on critical frequency than any alternative
Loudspeaker Cabinets & Home Theater Construction:
Cabinets: dramatically reduced magnitude of resonant peaks, tremendous decay rates, excellent dynamic stiffness, and 20* the damping factor of rigid adhesives
May be utilized in stages and risers, offering greatly improved resistance to vibration, reduction of sound transmitted through stages
Active Content: 68% +/-5%
Working Time: >30 minutes*
Cure Time: 7 days
Viscosity: Light Paste (65,000 cps)
Odor: Mild (Temporary)
VOC: <2g/liter
Flash Point: >200 deg F
Application Temp: 40-90 deg F
Damping Factor: Typically 0.50+ with 2*5/8 fire code drywall (3X higher than any competitive product we are aware of)
Coverage: Approx. 16 sq ft per tube at full coverage
Non toxic (to both you and the environment)
No mixing required
Superior performance relative to competitive products
Faster coverage and lower cost = considerably reduced application cost
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